Panolam FRP Phoenix

Panolam FRP Panels surface system is a company that earned an excellent reputation for producing a variety of world-class integrated solutions. Fiberglass reinforced panels also just referred to as (FRP) are one of the many solutions provided by Panolam.

For over six decades, panolam has studied the durability of surfaces in every possible condition, and have designed and developed materials that are not only durable but also meet the aesthetic requirements of the fussiest designers and architects. The surface solutions manufactured by panolam are also able to withstand impact, friction and life are ever changing conditions. These FRP panels are specially designed to fit the walls and ceilings in areas that experience a lot of traffic and action.

Fiberglass Reinforced Panels from Panolam 

Panolam FRP panels made of sturdy polyester resin that is reinforced with fiberglass, thereby producing a wall surface that is very smooth. This nonporous surface has gained massive popularity for having a surface that is stain and mold resistant.

Panolam FRP Panels

FRP panels used over ceilings, drywall, and plywood, these panels are installed directly over a solid surface for secure applications. Greatly valued for providing a scratch resistant, durable, easy to clean surface and also provide excellent moisture resistance as well. Ideal for high traffic areas such as classrooms, public restrooms and eating establishments.

FRP from panolam surface solutions is among the best brands on the market. These panels are easy to clean, sturdy and will withstand impact – perfect for service and utility areas. Panolam FRP will not corrode, stain, splinter or dent and will also not support the growth of mildew or mold. 

Panolam FRP is produced and tested to perform superbly in areas like:

1. Public

2. Dairy and meat facilities 

3. Car washes

4. Supermarkets

5. Laboratories and clean rooms

6.Freezers and coolers

7. Eating establishments (restaurant)

8. Public restrooms, bathroom, and shower


10. Commercial kitchens


Panolam offers consumers the two categories of choices when it comes to providing FRP:

1. Classic Collection

2. Consumers get to choose from 7 traditional whites, black, and neutrals.

3. Pioneer Collection

4. Customers can select from 3 very vibrant colors

For those in search of the best FRP panels, then it makes sense to check out Panolam’s website. The company’s website has been developed to provide visitors with the opportunity to easily explore the FRP system (and every other surface solution) from different angles. Visitors can easily search for suitable FRP for their project by color, wood grains, finishes, textures or abstracts or conduct their search by material, application, brand, industry segment or any combination. 

What makes Panolam Standout from other Companies?

Panolam is a company that is deeply devoted to improving the quality of life and preserving the quality of the environment. Panolam is recognized by the UL Environment and several of the products manufactured by this company proudly carry the GREENGUARD GOLD and GREENGUARD Certificates.

Advantages of Choosing Fiberglass Reinforced FRP Panels over other Building Materials:

1. Fiberglass reinforced panels provide a durable scratch resistant surface.

2. Fiberglass reinforced panel is lightweight and is easy to install.

3. FRP can easily be cleaned using standard detergents, using steam and also high-pressure washers.

4. FRP can be efficiently installed using fasteners or with glue.

5. It offers total sanitation protection.

6. FRP has Improved chemical resistance.

7. These panels installed over any existing wall surface, by only following a couple of steps – no high tech tools are needed. 

8. FRP has high impact resistance from scratches and shattering.

9. Great flexibility

10. Fiberglass reinforced panels could save consumers money when used over other types of building materials.

11. FRP will not support the growth of mildew or mold and will also not corrode or rust.

Panolam FRP panels surface systems offers consumers the opportunity to choose top quality fiberglass reinforced panels guaranteed to give them great value for their money.