Marlite FRP Phoenix

Marlite FRP panels, Marlite is a reputable company that has been in the business of providing innovative solutions for interior spaces within different commercial markets for the past eight decades. Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP) produced by Marlite are top quality. FRP panels produced by Marlite are designed and manufactured to be highly impact resistant and provide moisture proof sterile environments in a variety of choices. 

FRP produced by Marlite

Marlite FRP panels, wall surface panels are perfect for restrooms, classrooms, hallways, kitchens, recreational facilities, hospital rooms, dining rooms, restaurants, offices and other spaces. Marlite offers consumers the opportunity to add some color and life to their space using beautifully designed and durable fiberglass reMarlite FRP panelsinforced plastic wall panels. Marlite boasts of different categories of FRP that have been specially designed to suit different areas. Marlite produces the following lines of FRP:

Induro FRP

The “Enduro” features decorative laminates applied to the core of a fiberglass reinforced panel for greater durability of the wall panels. Induro FRP panels are perfect for the kitchen, dining areas, spas, swimming pool areas, bathroom, shower, and laboratory areas. These panels are coated using Sani-Coat sanitary sealer and provide superior resistance to stains, scratch, mildew, and mold.

Artisan FRP

This line of Fiberglass Reinforced Panel offers customers the opportunity to choose from abstract patterns and wood grains which also comes with SaniSEAL Trim technology.

Envue FRP

This particular line of FRP wall panels will make any space fun and exciting as photographic wall murals will come to life with these wall panels. Graphic painting or dramatic photo walls are produced on sturdy FRP, providing superior visual reproduction and easy maintenance durability for feature walls and high traffic areas.

Symmetrix Scored FRP

This line of fiberglass reinforced plastic panels is perfect for those who want the look of ceramic tiling without the hassle of installation and maintenance. The Symmetric Scored FRP wall panels from Marlite is designed to look like the traditional ceramic tile surface, but it is much more rugged, easy to install and easy to maintain. These wall panels do not require brushing or scrubbing to clean like ceramic tiles, and they do not chip or crack. The sealed score lines will also not deteriorate or attract moldy-like grout stains. Customized groove designs are also available.

Standard FRP

High wear spaces will benefit greatly with the pebbled or smooth Standard FRP wall panels from Marlite. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of accent and classic colors available on pebble-textured or mirror-smooth surfaces.

What Makes Marlite FRP panels Standout From Other Manufacturers of FRP Panels?

Marlite offers consumers a broad range of FRP panels to choose from in order to meet their wall beautification and protection requirements. Most companies just offer one type of FRP wall and ceiling panels, which can be limiting for those who want an array of impressive FRP panels to give their space a little pizzazz. Marlite also provides other top quality products too such as adhesives and sealers.

Marlite also cares greatly for the environment and has embraced policies that will protect the environment. This company is devoted to the FSC-promoted principles of socially, economically and environmentally appropriate management of forests.

Marlite only selects and chooses to work with partners who also share the company’s goal of engaging in environmentally responsible practices.

Marlite is currently participating in the following process to protect the environment:

1. Switching to water-based top coats and adhesives with low emitting VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

2. HAPS (hazardous air pollutant) compliant coatings.

3. Recycles the sawdust produced during the manufacturing process.

4.Reclaim all solvents utilized in manufacturing.

5. Recycles all cardboards, transparent plastics, and paper used in the Marlite offices.

6. Only drive hybrid cars for company transportation.

Marlite FRP panels installed over any existing wall surface like drywall or plywood, all one needs to do is to follow a couple of simple steps – just contact Marlite to get complete installation guide instructions. The best part about installing this brand of FRP is that one will not require high tech tools. FRP produced by Marlite are guaranteed to give consumers great value for their money. One can count on the structural integrity and durability.