FRP Adhesive

FRP panel adhesive, Titebond is one of the oldest and most trusted FRP panel adhesive companies to provide solutions to a huge array of woodworkers and construction professionals. Titebond manufacturers around ninety superior quality products that can meet adhesive needs of any nature required by construction professionals. In fact, it is not only an FRP adhesive manufacturer but a solution provider of sorts for every artisan. Anyone can reach out with confidence to go back with unmatched solutions.

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FRP Panel Adhesive – What it has to offer?

Titebond with years of experience and expertise has innovation in every nook and cranny of its production. It believes in solution driven outlook. It offers a broad range of wood glues, flooring products, and construction adhesives and sealants. No matter whatever the job, it gets it done with perfection, dedication and least possible time. Titebond gives professionals the exact formulation they need, in the right amount, to create kitchen cabinetry, install wood flooring or erect a building. Professionals can look to Titebond for all of their adhesives needs.

An Inventor of Sorts

Titebond has come up with various breakthrough products being first of its kind in the whole industry. The ready-to-use one-part Liquid Hide Glue, the first aliphatic resin wood glue are the first to pass Type II and, later, Type I, testing for water resistance. Titebond also led the green-building movement with the first solvent-free construction adhesive – years ahead of the pack. Titebond has made dramatic advancements in adhesive industry leaving construction professionals with robust solutions.

What’s more?

The company employs a skilled team to support the construction professionals and woodworkers with expert advice on using the right kind of glue for the provided job in right quantities to make the most out of it. Whatever be the query of the professional, the Technical Support Team quickly responds to phone and e-mail messages during regular business hours. Customers also can find support 24/7 on They never leave their customer’s hand until the job is done.

All of their products are tested in a laboratory. Developed and manufactured by one of the oldest and most respected adhesive companies in the world, Franklin International, the products and name have withstood the ultimate test: the test of time. One of its revolutionary products is the fast grab FRP panel adhesive.

Specially Formulated Fast Grab FRP Panel Adhesives

The Fast Grab FRP panel adhesives are a specially formulated substance that can stick to an FRP panel in no time with extraordinary results. Not only this, this miracle formula comes with many qualities. The FRP panel is an ultramodern building material which is resistant to rust, corrosion, moths, molds and decay, unlike wood. But, binding of these modern day building composites requires ultramodern adhesives rather than traditional ones. So, this is the perfect answer to your problem. It is ideal for bonding an FRP panel to drywall, non-treated plywood, green-board, concrete, cement backer-board and almost every other conventional porous building materials. It offers quick grab and strength development that requires minimal bracing. Following the name and goodwill, this product is again one of it’s kind in the whole industry.

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Why use the Fast Grab FRP Panel Adhesive?

Fast Grab FRP Adhesive provides flexibility to products permanently so that they can expand in heat and contract in cold times. It gives room for natural expansion and contraction. It takes the least time, as less as twenty minutes to seal in the surfaces. A little maintenance panel adhesive that/s cleaned with ordinary water. Fast grab is a VOC compliant non-inflammable formula. It is also ozone-friendly which means, it’s usage does not harm the natural ozone layer of the atmosphere thus, maintaining a healthy environment. Its odor does not irritate the workers who can result in low productivity and performance.

Fast Grab FRP Adhesive is a high-performance product manufactured keeping the safety of the environment in mind. It meets various specifications such as GreenSeal GS-36 specification, LEED, SCAQMD, CARB specifications and NAHB Green Building specifications. It is also passed by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) if in the case comes in indirect contact with food.

Apply Fast Grab FRP panel adhesive on dry and smoothly cleaned surface thoroughly and leave it for about twenty minutes to work wonders and seal the surfaces forever. Nonetheless, it is an ideal solution for an FRP panel.