Crane Glassbord FRP

Crane Glasbord FRP Panels, Crane Composites Inc. is a proud subsidiary of Crane Company. A world leader in the providing and manufacturing of fiber reinforced composite materials and particularly proud of the Crane Glasbord FRP panels they manufacture. These are some of the best construction materials for restaurants and classrooms because they are easy to clean and moisture resistant. Mold does not have a chance to spawn on the surfaces of Crane Glasbord.

FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Panels

The Crane Glasbord FRP panels are also known for being scratch proof and incredibly durable. We are happy that what we manufacture is the head of the class when it comes to FRP panels. That superior quality is due in part to a commitment to operational excellence and a willingness to consider new technologies. We are willing to be a pioneer for the sake of a better product. The Crane Glasbord is noted for its high impact resistance as well as chemical resistance, both of which are imperative for schools. There is also a clean finish on the panels, and the overall maintenance is low. They are particularly appealing to any school or business that has to worry about cost efficiency. Either can stay well within the boundaries of their budgets by using our product.Crane Glasbord FRP Panels

The Crane Glasbord FRP Panels produced are very easy to install with an engineering flexibility that makes the panels fit well into all wall or ceiling situations. A surface seal is placed on the boards to give an added protection against stains in addition to moisture resistance. We have a belief that we should back up all of our products with a warranty. It is why the Crane Glasbord has a five-year warranty from date of purchase, assuring that the product is free from substantial defects in materials.

An important feature of our Crane Glasbord FRP Panels is that it has a GREEN GUARD certification. It reflects a commitment on the part of the company to be conscious of the environment and use low emitting materials. Water is continually reused in a closed loop system, preventing contaminated fluid into the way system. No formaldehyde used and all products made with non-– lead-based pigment. It is all part of our decision to make the environment safer and cleaner place. This dedication cannot be understated. Green is the way responsible companies in the construction industry are going. We are proud of the fact that we are in the forefront of those committed to echo – development and reuse of materials for the sake of the planet.

Our competitors may point to one quality or another of their product, but the overall excellence of the Crane Glasbord FRP Panels just cannot be denied. It has stood the test of time in numerous situations, and it is a construction material of choice for a significant number of schools. There is an attention to quality and detail in the manufacture. We are very much concerned about even the smallest matters when it comes to creating these panels. Anyone who purchases Crane Glasbord from us will know that Crane Composites has put every effort into making something that is durable, mold resistant, easy to maintain, and is environmentally conscious as possible. It is all part of the way we do business and service our customers.

Crane FRP customer service is also something that we value very much. We want anybody who is thinking of buying something for us to have as much information as possible to make a sound decision. Questions are not something that our sales force tries to ignore. The reason is quite simple: we have an incredibly good product in Crane Glasbord, and it stands out from others. We also try to keep the prices as affordable as possible, understanding that this is a time of tight budgets for a lot of organizations. We invite interested parties to contact us regarding our product. We would love to share additional information that will further assure anyone that buying Crane FRP from us is a very sound decision.